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... 4, 3, 2, 1 ... 2023 Is Launched

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Chefs Ride 2023 is off and riding. The India International Hospitality Expo is the largest and best privately organised HORECA trade show in India and by that, gave us a good platform to launch the ride and the overall campaign for India.

This is our first 'event' in three years! We kept quiet during the pandemic years with a small outreach and encouragement effort only in 2022. Last year's campaign gave birth to the #chefstogether hashtag, very popular and likely to be with us for more campaigns ahead. It is the main hashtag for this year's effort.

We were graciously offered a large stall (40 at no rental cost by the organisers. This was large enough for a lovely backdrop of Chefs Parvinder Bali and Alan DMello, each on their preferred transport, cycle and motorcycle respectively. As is now customary with Int'l Chefs Day stalls at exhibitions, visitors wrote messages of friendship and goodwill on the backdrop. It would have made for a lovely collection of photos, but sadly not. We think chefs like doctors, have bad handwriting. Perhaps a hazard of our professions? At least the sentiment of friendship shone through the scribbles.

A major feature of the launch at IHE 2023 was the Chefs 100 100, a very unique ride around Delhi-NCR of 100+ cyclists covering 100+ kilometres. A special post on this is coming soon.

We will soon share some images of our participation at IHE 2023. See you on the road.


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